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World events are a kind of activity in Anthem 
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Post World events are a kind of activity in Anthem
Anthem’s world map leaves a lot to be desired, and players are left picking up the slack. As you explore the world of Anthem, you’ll come across two forms of recurring events. World events are similar to Destiny’s public events; a series of randomly generated objectives that need to be completed in a set time.

These range from wave defence, object hunting, to more traditional area clearing. Then there are Titans; colossal monsters that roam the world. These come in different tiers, withe the highest requiring a coordinated team if you intend to take it down. Both of these are dynamic, but sadly, Anthem’s map doesn’t alert you to either. The only way to take part in these events is to stumble upon them as you explore, or specifically go hunting for their possible locations in the hopes they’d activate while you’re in the area. The latter is obviously the more efficient option.

What isn’t clear is whether a player could stay in the same zone and have a World Event appear. Considering that Irving says they are not on a timer, it seems like the best route for finding a World Event is simply to travel around. Still, some dedicated players have created an Anthem World Event map to show where exactly each event occurs, should one trigger. Buy Cheap Anthem Shard Packs from gain a 3% discount by using the code “MMOCSVIP”.

BioWare recently pushed out an update that made changes to loot drops which significantly altered Inscriptions, Loot Tables, and Masterwork Embers. This likely won’t be a panacea for all of the issues related to loot in the game, but it’s good to see the developer listening to the community and providing such a quick turnaround on some much-needed refinements.

World events are a kind of activity in Anthem. You can take them on when you’re in free play, roaming the vast expanse of Bastion. They’ll reward you with embers, coin and experience points. There are dozens of areas where they can take place, and there’s always at least a few of them active. You’ll need to complete five of them for the Trial of Artinia, one of the challenges of the legionnaires. If you’re wondering where to find them, keep reading our Anthem world event locations.

These areas are usually part of the various missions in the game, but you can revisit them in Freeplay. Doing so will pit you against one of the three enemy factions (Scar, Outlaw, or Dominion) and it usually culminates in a fight against a Legendary enemy. They’re dotted all around the map, so look at the legend on the map to find the ones available to you. You can also find a lot of resources, such as Chimeric Alloys, in ones such as the Hidden Place towards the bottom right of the map. Once you reach the end, you’ll usually find a chest with some goodies, as well as a terminal that takes you back outside the hidden place you’re currently in.

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