Why are mobile crushing stations so popular?
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Autor:  yoyocrusher [ sobota 28 gru 2019, 04:04 ]
Tytuł:  Why are mobile crushing stations so popular?

Mobile crushing stations are mainly used for mobile operations, and are divided into jaw mobile crushing stations, impact mobile crushing stations, cone mobile crushing stations, impact mobile crushing stations, mobile screening stations, crawler hydraulically driven mobile stations, and tire mobile crushing stations. The station is mainly used for metallurgy, chemical industry, building materials, hydropower and other materials. It is also used for the reuse of garbage resources in China. Mobile crushing station is a new type of crushing equipment, which solves many problems for customers and saves costs.

1. Strong integration performance and flexible use
The Mobile Rock Crusher Manufacturer uses the form of an integrated whole unit, which avoids the complicated installation work of split components, saves time and labor costs, and greatly reduces the consumption of materials. Moreover, the mobile crushing station is a tight installation of each component, which improves the The flexibility of field presence makes the operation easy and quick. Because the mobile crushing station adopts the form of an integrated unit, it has a compact structure and a small turning radius, which is convenient for driving on highways and can also drive on rough and rough roads, which greatly saves time and improves work efficiency.
2. Material transportation costs are greatly reduced
Because the mobile crushing station can move to the location where the material exists for crushing, the transportation of the material is avoided, and the mobile crushing station can lengthen the unit, which is more convenient for crushing the material, because the extended unit can directly send the crushed material into the Transfer the buckets of the trucks to the site for departure.

3.More flexible configuration
The mobile crushing station can be flexibly configured according to the customer's specific requirements, to meet the customer's process configuration requirements for the material types and product requirements in the process, and to meet the customer's various crushing requirements. The side of the discharge hopper of the mobile crushing station makes the conveying method flexible. In addition, the diesel generator can provide power for the machine or the combined power supply of the process system configuration unit, and the mobile crushing station, for the coarse crushing and fine crushing screening system, can be operated independently by a single unit, or it can be flexibly formed to configure the unit to operate jointly Greatly improve the flexibility of operations and reduce costs.

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