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Bethesda is drawing the ire of its fans once again 
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Post Bethesda is drawing the ire of its fans once again
Once again, Bethesda is drawing the ire of its fans, this time for getting Fallout 76's Nuka Cola Rum bottles wrong. Bethesda's latest in the Fallout franchise has been struggling right out of the gate. Fans were concerned when it was revealed that Fallout 76 would be strictly online, a series first. Sadly for fans, their fears were met, then surpassed as Fallout 76 proved to be buggy and for some, unplayable. But a glitchy game turned out to simply be the tip of the iceberg when it came to problems.

There's a recap of the events leading up to the current fiasco involving these rum bottles over on ComicBook, where the site details how Bethesda introduced Nuka Dark back in September. Gamers could pre-order the rum back when Fallout 76 was available for pre-order. When Bethesda finally began shipping out the rum to those who pre-ordered the case, gamers found out that the Nuka Dark actually wasn't coming in a high-quality glass bottle.

Fallout 76 Nuka Dark Rum is the result of a partnership between Bethesda and the Silver Screen Bottling Company. Of course, Bethesda does not actually make alcoholic beverages themselves, and herein lies the possibility of misplaced outrage. Now that the product has actually shipped, it seems that some purchasers are upset over what they perceive as another instance of misleading marketing; similar to the recent nylon bag controversy. However, they appear to be directing that disappointment at Bethesda instead of the Silver Screen Bottling Co.; perhaps due to a misunderstanding of who actually created and sold the product. Buy Fallout 76 Bottle Caps from with the cheapest price and fast delivery.

Which brings us to my feelings on Nuka Dark Rum. My first impression is that it is very cheap. I was told that the shipment was delayed because the company was refining the packaging, but I find it hard to believe anything could have been worse than what I received. It’s chunky and enormous, coming down with an inelegant thud after each pour, and yet the plastic bottle is extremely light—so light, in fact, that I couldn’t believe it’s actually lined with glass on the inside. Taste wise, if you’re a rum fan, you will probably not be impressed. Its spice is pleasantly mellow but peters out into a weak coconut-caramel flavor that leaves a film on the lips when drank straight. In terms of mixers, it also doesn’t play well with others. The artificiality is so bad it made my regular Coke taste like Diet, and when I put together an improvised Mai Tai in hopes that fresh juice would disguise the quality, the pineapple and grenadine refused to let it hide. If there’s a good cocktail or drink to be made with this rum, it won’t be the two that are the most popular.

This is incredibly silly. Bethesda licensed the product and should ensure its quality. Plenty of other entertainment properties have alcoholic tie-ins. I bought a The Walking Dead bottle of wine just the other day. It was decent wine and the bottle was glass with a cool design on it (that you can even use with an AR app). I wouldn't have bought it if it came in a plastic bottle. I would have been disappointed that The Walking Dead allowed such a product to exist in the first place.

This won't do Bethesda any good as they already have their hands full after the abysmal release of Fallout 76 and cheap nylon bags that were included in the game's Power Armor Edition. Another case of suspicious advertising practices. After a whole bag of backlash, Bethesda offered proper replacements which are currently in production. It remains to be seen if this Nuka Cola Rum situation ends in a similar way.

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